Snacks and bites

Morning and afternoon teas

Choc-chip cookie– A great snack for the lunchbox of the kids, this cookie crumbles in your mouth. You can also serve it as a slice and top with a milk and white chocolate swirl.

Caramel swirl brownie– What’s not to love about this caramel and chocolate brownie. It is a moist, melt in the mouth brownie that beats all others


Caramel Fudge– This is a similar sweet to the caramel slice and great Christmas presents for teachers and loved ones. It’s simple- everyone loves these cubes of goodness.

Healthier options

Savory Muffins– These muffins are full of vegetables and flavor. Heat it up in the microwave and serve with a bit of butter or have for a lunchbox snack.


Healthy Paleo balls– If you are on a diet but still crave rum balls and chocolate balls, this is amazing. It has the sweet elements from the dates but is all healthy and is even good for the paleo diet.


Muesli Bars– Made┬áby the famous chef, Pete Evans, this muesli bar is amazingly tasty and 100% good for you. This is also great for if you are on the paleo diet.

Chia Coconut pudding– Leave it for 2 days in the fridge and have for an afternoon snack or for breakfast. Serve with fresh berries and coconut flakes, this is a little crunchy and sweet and snack

Cakes and slices

Banana bread– This tastes as good and if not better than what you would get at a cafe. With the chia seeds to add a crunch and served with a cream cheese icing, it is perfect.

Passionfruit slice– You will be surprised at the flavors of this slice. It has a melt in the mouth base with a tangy icing that go together like you wouldn’t believe.


Caramel Slice– A rich and tasty treat that is great for catering on special occasions. This slice has the creamy caramel oozing out of it and you will wanting to cook this again.

Chocolate marble swirl cheesecake slice– A cheese cake that you can eat with your hands! Has the same original flavour of a cheesecake but is perfect for morning and afternoon teas.


Vanilla slice– Everyone’s childhood favourite- the custard or vanilla slice. The passionfruit frosting balances with the sweetness and is overall simply an amazing snack.

Carrot cake– Similar to the banana bread, and still better than a coffee shop. This is the catering go to as this is a moist, soft cake.


Other treats

Hot cross buns– Home baked hot cross buns for Easter everyone! These fresh buns are an amazing Easter treat and toasted with butter brings a smile to all who eat it.

ANZAC biscuits– These traditional biscuits are the best fresh out of the oven. With the oats and golden syrup, the flavours balance each other out perfectly.

Basic Biscuit– This is a melt in the mouth biscuit that can be decorated however you want. If your kid wants a space themed party, decorate as rockets, or just cut them into circles for a more daily treat.

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